We advise on PCI DSS Compliance

within Call Centre environments, or other locations where credit card and other payment information is being processed under the PCI DSS Compliance procedures and guidelines.

At small world International we go beyond just understanding the principle of Payment Processing and compliance, with several of our lead consultants and directors having owned and run large scale operations.

It is our intention to simplify the industry and bring every one of our clients (irrespective of size or location) through the process of Compliance in a manageable, painless, and cost-effective manner.

As many companies now understand, PCI DSS Compliance is upon us now and every company that processes any Payment Card transactions has to comply. There are no exceptions.

Depending on the size and nature of your business, there are varying levels of requirements outlined by the PCI Security Standards – a body established by the main Payment Card Brands including American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa Inc.

Our partner solutions and technologies work on the basis of de-scoping much of the processes covered under the PCI DSS Compliance. This in itself does not circumvent the need for Compliance, it simply makes it easier and more cost-effective to achieve.

For larger clients (particularly those dealing with sales and customer calls), this will typically involve the implementation of DTMF Data Suppression. This revolutionary technology allows the agent and caller to stay in communication during the entering of sensitive Payment Card data. By suppressing the tones entered from the Payment Card, this means that the agent is not hearing or seeing any information and therefore is effectively de-scoped from these specific PCI-DSS requirements.

In addition we can automatically manage the call-recording in such a way that only the suppressed dial tones are recorded, therefore de-scoping the recording as well.

We can also offer complete IVR solutions, taking all Payment Card information out of the facility and therefore out of scope.
For our SME clients (or those handling a lower number of transactions) we offer a bureau service where we can process payments on an individual basis using DTMF technology in our own call centre in Havant, or a fully automated IVR facility.

Anybody taking any Payment Card transactions is covered by the PCI DSS Compliance.

If you would like to discuss how these new compliance issues affect your business, please contact us at our Havant office.

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