small world has Unrivalled

experience within the utilities sectors, including telecoms and energy providers.

This is a truly unique skill; being able to direct sell, close and sign up customers whilst working within the strict guidelines of OFCOM, OFGEM, PDD and PCI DSS. All calls are recorded and archived to allow clients to listen to every call either dynamically or historically. We also have our own compliance section which constantly monitors and scores calls to ensure that our clients stay within regulatory guidelines and avoid miss-selling or other infringements.

We can manage the entire campaign from sourcing properly ‘opted in’ and TPS’d prospect lists through to complex scripting, training and ultimately securing verbal contracts and direct debits.

All campaigns at small world are director managed and offer remote real-time listening, 100% call recording, compliance management, and online dynamic reporting

For more information or to visit our sales site in Havant, please call or email Stuart Anderson.

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